Leon Michener started piano from an early age, later going on to study classical piano at trinity College of Music with British pianist John Bingham. While an undergraduate he performed 20th century works and developed a passion for Russian piano literature. Growing up he was exposed to a wide range of dance music through his Fathers record collection, leading him to seek a way to perform a similar music live on the piano, that eschewed sequences, prerecording, or looping, committing to the goal of realtime music, created in the instant.

After leaving the Conservatoire he continued to explore 20th century piano repertoire, recording music by composers such as Xenakis, Cage, Scelsi, as well as Jazz, free improvisation and electronic dance music, gradually bringing all the separate musical threads together into a unified cohesive whole, searching for a new type of piano music.

KLAVIKON reimagines electronic music without the use of conventional processes - no loops, no prerecorded music, no samples. Instead all sounds, kicks, snares, bass and pads are created by preparing an amplified piano, an “acoustic workstation”, sequenced only by fingers, allowing human vagaries to triumph over quantised accuracy. Unique inventions and found objects - a custom made pick up, a robot toy dog, vibrators, and lots of blu-tak, augment the 88 keys delivering cascading batteries of percussion, sub-basses and dark abstract soundscapes. This amalgam of virtuosic piano technique and real-time electronic processing is at once connected with dance genres and 20th century classical music.

Clavosin is performed on a prepared amplified Clavichord, an early keyboard instrument dating from the 16th century. This project brings elements of early music, the extreme dynamics of the Instrument together with live electronic processing.



"Leon Michener has created something truly original"

Observer Newspaper


"An innovative and absorbing concept, carried through by Michener with no mean insight and technical finish"

Gramophone Magazine


"A young pianist with extraordinary control of the instrument"

Wire Magazine



No shows booked at the moment.


Date City Venue Country
02.15.20 Moscow, Russia Mutabor RU
Time: 9:45pm. Address: Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str 13 bld 32, Moscow, Russia, 115088.
11.15.19 Utrecht Janskerk RU
Time: 9:45pm. More information
08.29.18 London National Theatre Riverside UK
Time: 9:45pm.
06.29.18 London Kings Place Hall Two DE
Time: 9:45pm.
05.05.18 Berlin Fez Berlin DE
Time: 6:00pm.

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KLAVIKON - Klavikon

Klavikon debut album.
Released on Nonclassical - NONCLSSV020
12 Jun 2015, UK


Leon Michener - Imaginary Landscape (FMR Records, 2002)