Prepared Piano


klavikon piano from above
© Michael England



clavichord6 copy
© Leon Michener


Attempts to resurrect this instrument from performance extinction involve amplification and  electronic processing. Preparation has also been used, using delicate objects such as feathers, small springs, paperclips and matchsticks. The technical difficulties of amplifying for a modern audience are quite considerable, mainly because of the very quiet nature of the instrument, and the large amount of gain that has to be applied to get it through a PA. However after many years of study and experimentation a working prototype has been achieved. It is also my solution to a long search for a fundamentally acoustic portable keyboard. It made its successful performance debut at the Key club in Leeds in March 16 2016, (note the bottle of organic honey in the second picture, indispensable for an authentic Clavichord recital.) A series of studies and recordings are soon to be released.

The Yamaha CP80

lugging copy
© Seaming
leons cp in front room copy
© Leon Michener
Klav -Primavera 1 copy


Backbreaking thug of an instrument, but one of the most interesting electroacoustic keyboard instruments ever made. The construction is truly innovative, and Yamaha spared no expense. Despite its considerable weight it actually breaks into 2 sections and can be carried in the boot of the car.


Feather Piano


piano feather 1
© Leon Michener


pianoscope 3 copy
© Leon Michener
pianoscope 1 copy 2
© Leon Michener