Hand etched on Black Scraperboard. 500mm x 500mm

Diagram of the acoustic amplified prepared piano. Not to scale, but showing “drum” preparations, pickup placement, plus screw and bolt positions.

Kontrapunkdt 1.

Hand etched on Black Scraperboard. 500mm x 500mm

An exploration to find a way to simultaneously play four streams of music, Percussion, Bass, Chords and Melody, without looping or overdubbing, staying completely live. One solution was to play against myself at a fixed delay time, creating a Cannon. Here the delay is set to 9 bars, the odd length helps disguise the repeat to the listener. The piece starts in the low registers with bass and percussion, then 9 bars later as they repeat the chords and melody are added on top, then after another 9 bars when they these are repeated I switch back and continue the opening stream. A kind of musical juggling, successfully achieving a four part texture in realtime, even if it did require 9 months of hard practice. The percussion sounds are all created on the piano using preparations described on page 2 of the score.

Oram her toye.

Page 1. Hand etched on Black Scraperboard. 500mm x 500mm A tribute to Daphne Oram.

Another Cannon, this time in an 11 bar ratio. The sound textures in this piece use the Cog Glove, a device created from a modified bicycle glove and a few small DC motors which attaches rotating cogs to the pianists fingers.


Hand etched on Black Scraperboard. 500mm x 500mm

A nod to Boulez’s 3rd piano sonata, and the tape music of Mimaroglu. Like a plant reaching to the sky, the performer traces a route from the bottom of the score to the top, the rhythms and pitches chosen are used as material for an improvisation. The rhythms are to be played strictly and are derived from Indian tala, however the pitches are freely assignable to preparations and electric processing. Tempo, density and dynamics are left for the performer decide. Played live in one take


klav little pieces frontpiece


Frontpiece for a forthcoming anarchist piano tutor books for errant children, still in development. Pen and Ink

oram 2 crop

Kontrapunkdt 2 Page 3.

Hand etched on Black Scraperboard. 500mm x 500mm


Hand etched on Black clayboard. 1000mm x 1000mm

 A strict palindrome. exactly halfway through the piece the notes start to run backwards, in reverse order. In the recorded version linked here I added a kick and hat, both prepared piano sounds, which was not too difficult as the sequence was monophonic and I had some fingers spare. It was also interesting to try and destabilise the symmetry by placing the percussion musically rather than following the palindrome the strict rathe the pitches took.